I recently had the privilege of choreographing an energetic and whimsical commercial for Homecentre in Dubai, UAE, titled "Made to Indulge." Collaborating with the renowned production company Big Kahunas and the talented director Jad Eid, this project was a delightful journey into the world of home comforts and indulgence.

The advertisement focuses on Homecentre's bedroom and bathroom products, like towels, quilts, and pillows, bringing them to life through a playful and imaginative narrative. The storyline follows a man who, finding himself alone at home, dives into a world of fantasy and fun. As the music kicks in, he embarks on a wild dance adventure throughout the house, using the products in spontaneous and creative ways.

The choreography was designed to capture the joy and freedom of being uninhibited in the comfort of your own home. The protagonists dance through the house crescendos into a frenzy of feathers and pillows, creating a visual spectacle of carefree exuberance.

This moment of surprise and delight culminates as his family arrives home, catching him amidst his ecstatic dance. The commercial not only highlights the quality and comfort of Homecentre's products but also encapsulates the joy and playfulness that can be found in everyday moments at home.

"Made to Indulge" is a testament to the power of choreography in storytelling, transforming an advertisement into an engaging and memorable narrative that resonates with viewers and celebrates the joy of home living.